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Born and raised in India, I am an impressionistic-style artist based in Orange County, California. A disciple and mentee of renowned California artist Steve Wang, art medium of my choice is oil on canvas. My oil paintings are primarily based on the photos from my world travel around North America, Europe and Asia, from my day-to-day life in Southern California, and from my commissioning clients.

My subjects tend to be simple, old-school and evocative. They range from landscapes to cityscapes to waterscapes, from bungalows to barns, from cathedrals to skyscrapers, and from human figures to animals. I strive to weave stories that evoke pleasant emotions or fond memories in your mind.

Thank you for visiting my art shop. I have made some of my artworks available for the first time in limited edition canvas prints as well as in original oil on canvas, when available. Please browse and pick what you like.

Contact me for commissionig inquiries for a unique artwork based on a photo from your own travel or day-to-day life.

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  • About Ashu's Art

    Unique original oil paintings, in a wide variety of subjects, created by California artist, Ashu Shendé. Hand-made traditionally from scratch on double-primed stretched canvas, signed by the artist and varnished.

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    All photos of the original paintings, published on this website are copyright protected by the artist. Please do not download, save, copy, duplicate, screenshot, print or reproduce in any shape or form these painstakingly created artworks. Thank you.